The Raynes Rail Braille and Audio Rail was developed to make public spaces accessible to all. With Braille on the rail’s inner face and audio information
at strategic locations, this universal design is used without any special device. A Braille vocabulary developed for the system gives directions and warns of physical changes such as ramps, stairs, or turns.

Covered by U.S and international Patents

IDSA Gold Award
SEGD Honor Award

  • Available in two diameters: 1.5" for ADA compliant handrails, or 2" for other uses.
  • Messages are displayed in the inner face of the Braille rail.
  • Ideal for multilingual information, the optional AudioModule provides commentaries and directions.
  • Powdercoating with a custom color is available.
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport
    Paris, France
  • CDG — Audio messages direct in three languages.
  • CDG — Raynes Rail Braille and Audio Rail complements the information table.
  • Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary
    Boston, MA
  • Musee des Beaux Arts
    Valenciennes, France
  • Musee des Beaux Arts
    Calais, France
  • A visually impaired person is using the Raynes Rail - Braille Handrail and audio Rail. A true Universal Design concept.
  • Cooper Hewitt National MuseumUnlimited by Design
    New York, 1998
  • Battery Park City
    New York, NY
  • The Raynes Rail - The Braille and Audio handrail - is a ground breaking Universal Design concept
  • Teardrop Park Plant Description
    Battery Park City, NY
  • Earthplace
    Westport, CT