Boston, MA

Elegant signage design consisting of traditional cast bronze plaques and directory befit the building’s classical architecture.

  • Elegant Numeral  on the side of a building part of the architectural signage design system | CRA designs
  •  Zoom on a Numeral part of the architectural signage design system | CRA designs
  • Signage on an inter-phone matching elegantly the architecture of the building | CRA Design

Conceived with the building facade, three large-scale numerals of cast acrylic are mounted directly on the glass curtain, which was fabricated with the mounting holes in their exact position.

The design eliminated the need for architectural signage lighting. During the day, the curves are intensified by the reflections of natural light. At night, the numerals are strongly defined against the illuminated lobby.

  • Large numerals architectural signage on a building front
  • Zoom on the large numerals signage part of the architectural sign design program



The illuminated architectural signage was designed to harmoniously sit on the high-rise facade.

The logo letter-heights and spaces were precisely adapted to the building’s architectural structure.

  • State Street Boston architectural Signage zoom
  • A picture of the State Street Architectural Signage and its incorporation with the building

The exterior and interior signage is consistently incorporated into the building architecture and finishes.

The vertical format of the interior signage, anchored within the reveals of the wall panel, is a daring departure from the conventional door plaque.

  • A picture of the 200 Newbury Niketown's front architectural signage in Boston | CRA Design
  • Door leading to the stairs of the Niketown and its architectural signage | CRA Design
  • Signage indicating stairs | CRA Design
  • Architectural Signage for Sawyer Enterprises | CRA Design
  • Signage part of a sign system indicating a wrong way | CRA Design
  • Signage part of a sign system indicating the direction in a parking lot | CRA Design



A 3-D Neon Diagram addresses complex wayfinding.

It illustrates the vertical circulation from the parking lobby to the two towers which are accessed from different lobbies on different levels. The horizontal paths to the other buildings are delineated on a back lit panel.

Coordinated architectural signage further guides through the space.

  • Zoom on a architectural signage, in colored neon, elegantly reproducing the 3-D structure of a building | CRA Design
  • Signage design reproducing with colored neon the structure of a building | CRA Design
  • Signage design part of a sign system | CRA Design




Architectural Signage and Visual Identity

In contrast with the bold 3-D garage signage, the wayfinding system uses individual metal letters to discreetly blend into the various architectural finishes.

The glass architectural signage is secured with a custom design attachment which recalls the building’s logo and facade.

  • One Lincoln Street Building
  • A beautiful and elegant signage cast in a revolving door
  • Beautiful signage at the entrance of the One Lincoln
  • Map part of a signage system
  • Signage part of a directional parking plan
  • Zoom on a signage part of a directional parking plan