Architectural Design

A folded sheet of paper served as inspiration for this architect’s elegant logo design.

  • SMDA elegant logo Design made by CRA graphic design team

Portland Trailblazers

Basketball Team – Oregon

The Blazers’ elegant logo features five stripes of each color, representing ten players going in opposite directions around a ball.

  • Portland Trailblazer elegant logo design | CRA Graphic Design


Group Aviatur – South America

Designed for the original travel agency in 1964, this logo has withstood the test of time.

Today, it addresses the signage and marketing needs of the Group Aviatur, a consortium of travel related enterprises with more than 360 offices around the world.

  • Aviatur elegant logo design by CRA graphic design team
  • Aviatur Graphic logo on a boat
  • Aviatur elegant brochure | CRA Graphic Design
  • Aviatur elegant logo design embossed in header | CRA Graphic Design



The new logo cleverly combines the capital “A” of Avianca, Colombian International Airlines, with the profile of the condor, the legendary bird of the Andes.

The bold graphic livery was designed to introduce the first Boeing 747 into the fleet. The design explores the volume of the aircraft by tracing the flow of air over the fuselage.

  • Avianca Elegant Logo Design | CRA Graphic Design
  • Avianca elegant logo on a plane | CRA Graphic Design
  • Avianca second clever logo Design on a plane | CRA Graphic Design
  • Avianca ingenious graphic Logo on a plane in the air